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CoThrive Timebank Network

How To Videos (Members)

How To Materials/Videos (Members)

These videos can be found together in this YouTube Playlist


These are introductory "how to videos" that cover the core aspects of using our TimeBank.  

Profile Basics

This tutorial covers how to add your photo, and maintain your contact info and the Bio section.

Editing your Talent (skills) listing in your Profile

This tutorial covers how to edit your talents listing on your member profile.

Making an Offer or Requests

This tutorial shows how to post an "ad" for an offer or request for services

Be sure to check out other helpful tips on how to write Ads under Pages, Guidelines for Exchanging Services and Pages, What Kinds of things Can I Offer?

Finding Offers and Requests

This tutorial shows hows to find offers and requests in our TimeBank

Reviewing your TimeBank Activity

This tutorial shows hows to review your activity (exchanges, hours in your bank, etc.) 


Once you've gained some experience using the TimeBank, these videos help explore some of the other less common but useful features of our TimeBank.  

Acting as a guardian angel

How to act as a guardian angel for another member in your timebank. 

A Guardian Angel can be used when a member needs ongoing help with using the website or has no access to the Internet. A Guardian Angel is another Timebank member who has taken on the task of supporting a 'mentored member'. It can be used by parents or legal guardians of minors or others to oversee their Community Weaver activity. It is required for any Timebank members who do not have an email address. More details on Guardian Angels at  

In addition to these tutorials, be sure to check out the "Help Wiki" ( in the menu bar
      There is also a presentation that gives an overview of Community Weaver 3 (the underlying software for our TimeBank). Click here to download it in PDF format.


When you click to JOIN/SIGN UP 

  • Individuals

    • complete the basic information to start the process (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password)
  • Organizations

    • mark the box "Sign up as an organizational member" (which means you want to create an account for your Organization)
    • complete the basic information to start the process (Organization Name, Email Address, Password)